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    TomTom Contributor
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    New TomTom Official speedcams (Normal + Premium) (latest in post #1)

    Speed Cameras Europe
    TomTom Official speedcams
    Normal +Premium)


    Save money

    • Get thousands of up-to-date fixed camera locations, plus warnings for other types of camera including red light cameras.
    • Avoid fines when driving abroad, with over 25,000 camera locations throughout Europe.
    • Easily report or remove camera locations yourself and share them with the whole community.

    Drive safely

    • Choose audio or visual warnings of upcoming speed cameras.
    • Get timely alerts as you approach speed cameras.
    • Independent research proves that satellite navigation makes driving safer. Users are less stressed, less distracted and generally feel safer.

    Be relaxed

    • TomTom has the biggest navigation community with over 25 million users.
    • 95% coverage.
    • Your travel time and driving distance are significantly reduced.

    In UK the following types of cameras are supported:

    • fixed speed cameras
    • red light cameras
    • bi-directional cameras
    • vehicle restriction cameras

    Driving abroad? You can keep using TomTom Speed Cameras in the following countries:
    Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy,
    Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal,

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    Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

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    daniele57 Reviewed by daniele57 on . TomTom Official speedcams (Normal + Premium) (latest in post #1) Speed Cameras Europe TomTom Official speedcams Normal +Premium) 15/5/2014 Rating: 5

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    TomTom Expert

    TomTom Official speedcams (Normal + Premium) (latest in post #1)
    Thanks Dani for including premiums whilst I was in Romania with just my phone, was really appreciated. I purposefully do not travel with laptop when on holiday. Next trip, could you update fuel prices please. I use diesel as default, but doesn't matter if you use use benzine. I hate flying!!!!!

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    I have not fuel prices

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    Vitinesgonzalez (2nd September 2014)

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    Post #1 updated speed cameras 15/5/2014

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    TomTom Official speedcams (Normal + Premium) (latest in post #1)
    Thread now closed so we can stick with the Mavericks here
    Link URL:
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    Thanks to Daniele57 for all the hard work maintaining this thread
    Please do not just post "thanks" but use the "thanks" button bottom/right or the reputation star "*" bottom/left
    S i m p l e s

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