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Hi !

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    Default Hi !

    Nevidimia Reviewed by Nevidimia on . Hi ! Hi, thanks for having me on the forum. I`m Tom-Tom and iGO map user. Goodluck every one! Rating: 5

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    R@me$h (26th May 2017)

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    Hi !
    R@me$h's Avatar
    Hi !
    Glad to have you here bro .. See you around in forums..


    Dude I am seeing why there are only on reply in each welcome thread. @R@me$h one of your mates came through and deleted a post I made welcoming a new member and said: meaningful contribution not jus getting my count up????

    MATE IT'S A WELCOME THREAD! What more meaningful contribution to a welcome thread could there be than to say welcome to new members, glad to have you on and what not...

    I hope not to offend, that is very much not my style. I was just a little put off by the whole thing. Much respect to admins for keeping the forum clean, I would just also like the same consideration and a little decency if you feel you should delete a post, by all means but to be nasty and accusatory is not the way to be. I logged back in today cause I liked the site but that put a bitter taste in me mouth. Hope this helps going forward.

    BTW mates, this would be a post to delete.


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    R@me$h (26th May 2017)

    R@me$h's Avatar
    Hi !
    It will help you to over come the post limit which is 5 minimum .. There was a day we disabled post counts on some forums but its okay that doesn't makes any sense so we simply reverted back ..
    anyway welcome here bro

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Hi !

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