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iGO Primo Truck [Fleet] TIR 2014 Last Edition

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    wink iGO Primo Truck [Fleet] TIR 2014 Last Edition

    iGO Primo Truck (Fleet) TIR 2014 Last Edition

    System request:
    - RAM : 128 MB
    - CPU : 400Mhz
    - HDD : 3.3 GB
    - Display : 480x272 or 800x480

    Truck mode (truck) – the route calculation depending on size, type of load etc.

    Features soft "iGO Primo 2 Truck"
    Voice guidance;
    Specific alerts for lorry drivers for hazardous route segments;
    Including weight and height restrictions in the route calculation;
    Settings on the weight, height and width of the machine axis, and the maximum allowed on the road;
    Time-dependent inputs taken into account for route calculation;
    Settings for goods transport;
    Truck profiles that can be customized and edited (for 1 or 2 drivers);
    Type of vehicle: truck, truck + trailer, bus, bus + trailer, caravan;
    POI database specific truck routes;
    Number of optional waypoints;
    Editable Routes;
    Information about country at crossing borders;

    iGO Primo Truck [Fleet] TIR 2014 Last Edition

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    Mode "Tunnel".

    iGo Primo 2 combines ease of use due to friendly interface with a host of new features including: alternative routes, insight route recalculation, realistic visualization of intersections, changing lanes assistance, alert to speeding.

    Music Player, Video, Documents, Pictures, e-Book reader, calculator;
    Fuel consumption, trip register, information about traffic laws in each country;
    Converter units, information about clothing measures in different countries, information on sunrise and sunset.

    mixmusic Reviewed by mixmusic on . iGO Primo Truck [Fleet] TIR 2014 Last Edition iGO Primo Truck (Fleet) TIR 2014 Last Edition System request: - RAM : 128 MB - CPU : 400Mhz - HDD : 3.3 GB - Display : 480x272 or 800x480 Rating: 5

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    iGO Primo Truck [Fleet] TIR 2014 Last Edition

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iGO Primo Truck [Fleet] TIR 2014 Last Edition

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