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    NAVIGON Cruiser

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    NAVIGON Cruiser

    NAVIGON Cruiser

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    Round trips, gas stations along the way, and the curviest routes!

    From the creators of one of the most successful navigation apps comes the ultimate motorbike navigation: With large buttons, a high contrast user interface and super fast curve routing NAVIGON Cruiser meets your needs on every ride.
    The app is not only at your side as competent co-driver in Europe but also in North America and Australia. Thanks to downloadable maps you need no Internet connection for navigation and avoid expensive roaming fees when traveling abroad.

    Test NAVIGON Cruiser with all functions for 7 days for free and convince yourself.

    After 7 days for free you can opt for a month's or a year's auto-renewable subscription or, as option, usage without any time limit.
    The various usage packages can be booked per region and their validity periods are individually extendable.

    - Easy operation: large buttons, contrasts, and a cleaned-up user interface
    - Personal route adjustment: adapt your route to personal preferences for curviness and detours.
    - Receive round trip offers and adjust them easily.
    - Offline navigation: navigate without Internet connection in Europe, North America and Australia/New Zealand
    - Regular map updates included.
    - Up-to-date information: weather along the route, speed camera alerts.*
    - Save money: current fuel prices in Germany show you the cheapest filling station on the route.*

    Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand in one single app: navigate with the latest HERE maps in more than 45 countries.

    Constant use of GPS can greatly decrease battery life. Please bear in mind that some functions may not be available in all countries.
    For more information, visit us at or!

    * Please note that the use of live services (speed camera notifications, fuel prices, etc.) requires an Internet connection in order to deliver absolutely up-to-date information. This might entail charges by your network operator for data usage.

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    Link URL:
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    NAVIGON Cruiser

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