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    Re: GPSmapedit

    GPSMapEdit 1.0 (update 67.2)
    (May 26th, 2011)

    This software is designed for visual authoring of GPS-maps in various proprietary cartographic formats:

    * Polish format (input files for cGPSmapper.exe)
    * Lowrance MapCreate
    * ALAN Map 500/600
    * Holux MapShow
    * Navitel Navigator (navigation software for Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, iPhone)
    * and custom POIs and speedcams for
    Link URL:
    Only the registered members can see the Link URLs. Please Login OR Register.
    POI Loader,
    Link URL:
    Only the registered members can see the Link URLs. Please Login OR Register.
    OV2, Nav N Go iGO, Navitel Navigator

    Platform: MS Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7.
    GUI language: English (U.S.), French, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Polish, Persian

    * New feature: The installer is available
    * Enhancement: GUI localization for Polish (beta-version, thanks to Alf/red/) and French (beta-version based on automatic translation) is added.
    * Enhancement: Localization of type sets "Holux/ALAN" and "Lowrance" as well as names of bookmark types for Portuguese (Brazil) is added
    * Fix: Loading of some of
    Link URL:
    Only the registered members can see the Link URLs. Please Login OR Register.
    .IMG files with custom 3-byte types of objects
    * Fix: Automatic correction of RoadID ? NodeID attributes in some cases
    * Fix: On exiting application with unsaved changes, pressing ESC now cancels exit but not saving
    * Fix: Enabling/disabling the "Locate" button in the list of cities
    * Fix: Context menu button behaviour
    * Enhancement: Mouse wheel behaviour for some of mouses
    * Enhancement: If "Google Maps" is turned on, all context menus are extended with sub-menu 'Google Maps'.
    * Fix: The context menu item 'Google Maps | Refresh Tile' is now enabled for just started application with all tiles available from the cache
    * Fix: Crash while exporting of some maps to the format .NM2 for Navitel 3.2.6
    * Enhancement: Automatic removal of track jitters is now suppressed for artifically created tracks
    * Enhancement: Pressing Alt+Enter now shows Properties, provided that some object is selected
    * Fix: Converting to polygon or polyline now preserves the selection
    * New feature: In the context menu of the tool 'Create Object | Polyline', menu item 'End (with closing)' is added
    * Enhancement: In the "Object Properties" window, "Address" tab, the field "Number:" may be increased or decreased by keyboard up/down arrow buttons
    * Enhancement: Pressing Enter now closes all input boxes like "??" even if the input focus is moved to some another button
    * Enhancement: The tool 'Create Object' preserves the kind of created object after re-starting GPSMapEdit.
    * Enhancement: The buttons "Last" preserve their state after re-starting GPSMapEdit
    * Fix: Removal of points of polygon hole in some cases
    * Fix: "Stick to Neighbours" now works for maps without zoom levels
    * Fix: The context menu item 'Points...' now works for maps without zoom levels

    [Login or Register to remove this advertisement]

    * Fix: "Snap to Grid" now does not affect dragging of bookmarks.
    * Fix: "Snap to Grid" for creation of rectangles and polygon strips ('Tools | Create Object | Polygon: Rectangle' and 'Polygon: Strip')
    * Fix: Incorrect splitting numbering along roads while splitting polyline in some cases
    * Enhancement: To achieve similar behaviour with the other tools, the tool 'Tools | Create Object | Polygon: Strip') now completes creation at the last added point - in contrast to current cursor position as earlier
    * Enhancement: The tools creating polylines, polygons and polygon strips now show additional contour of future object based on last added point (the difference of contours is highlighted using lighter color).
    * Enhancement: The support of skins for Navitel 3.5 and 5.0

    Only the registered members can see the CODE Contents. Please Login OR Register.

    Software and keygen

    Only the registered members can see the CODE Contents. Please Login OR Register.
    HULK Reviewed by HULK on . GPSmapedit Re: GPSmapedit GPSMapEdit 1.0 (update 67.2) (May 26th, 2011) Rating: 5

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  4.    GPSmapedit   GPSmapedit GPSmapedit

    plz plz help me bro when is run the setup and setup is run but when i click and click the next i gave me a error (runtime error) at (59:183) could not call proces_____________-plz HELP man_
    sori 4 bad ENGLISH

  5.    GPSmapedit   GPSmapedit GPSmapedit

    plz tell me how to register this software plz____help

  6.    GPSmapedit   GPSmapedit GPSmapedit
    R@me$h's Avatar

    there would be any manual or ReadMe .txt file follow that bro

  7.    GPSmapedit   GPSmapedit GPSmapedit

    ramesh there is no read me file plz i want this soft help me
    ramesh yae help karo kahin se pata karo k ye soft kis terha register ho ga :-(

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