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Igo_Primo_9.6.13.351648_Goldmaster [Only software]

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    Igo_Primo_9.6.13.351648_Goldmaster [Only software]

    Default Igo_Primo_9.6.13.351648_Goldmaster [Only software]

    For usenet members

    Igo_Primo_9.6.13.351648_Goldmaster [Only software]

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    Resolution: original data only 480x272

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    Igo_Primo_9.6.13.351648_Goldmaster [Only software]
    on what system will run this?

    sylpa27's Avatar

    Igo_Primo_9.6.13.351648_Goldmaster [Only software]
    9.6.13 means wince.

    Envoyé de mon NEM-L22 en utilisant Tapatalk

    No link, link is not vısıble

    pls reupload links is not working


    I happened to have this version running on my old inVion 5inch (WinCE 4.20).
    (how much dust can a GPS device gather?)
    Zipped with 7zip.
    Add your own speech,language, maps (HERE_2019Q2 works) and speedcams.
    Edit the GPS settings in sys.txt
    I do not know for how long this upload will be available.
    Have fun testing!

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Igo_Primo_9.6.13.351648_Goldmaster [Only software]

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