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    Default How to patch Garmin Basecamp ver 4.7.2

    My Basecamp updated it self (I clicked ok) to ver 4.7.2.
    I wanted to patch basecamp.exe (I do not really know why I have to patch basecamp.exe - but I always do it) but the Garmin.basecamp.(universal.patcher)-patch.exe - does not work!
    I get an error - it says a dup2patcher.dll does not work. It did work fine on ver 4.7.1.

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    How do you guys patch basecamp - and why do we need to patch basecamp. It seems to run fine the version 4.7.2 without the patch.

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    Dear all - found a way around the problem!

    After having slept on it - I tried to run the patch again - still got the error about the dup2patcher.dll.
    The file is located in C:\Users\[username]\Appdata\local\temp\

    I deleted everything in the temp folder that had to do with basecamp and the file dup2patcher.dll

    Then I ran the patch again - and this time my Norton Security came up and blocked it.
    I then told Norten to ignore the file - deleted the dll once again - and this time the patch worked - basecamp.exe was patched!
    Problem solved.

    Could anyone please tell me why we patch basecamp.exe? What does the patcher really do?
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    Smulan (1st July 2020)

    IT WORKS - You can upgrade to Basecamp 4.7.2. (PC version) and Mapinstall 4.2.2. (that comes with the upgrade) - they do work!

    I have seen several warnings about upgrading to BC 4.7.0, 4.7.1 and 4.7.2. Mostly the reason to not upgrade to 4.7.0 is the fact, that the link to Google Earth is removed from BC, so you can not use "view in Google Earth" from within BC. That is just a small problem to overcome - you can save your route/track from BC in KML file format - and import the file to Google Earth - and boom you are running again - Google Earth is showing the route and you can fly the route in low altitude to check for tarmac and not gravel and so on.

    BC 4.7.2 can be patched without any problems with Garmin.basecamp.(universal.patcher)-patch.exe (if you shut of your antivirus - it will interfere).
    As far as I understand - we are patching BC because it then can work with maps that are not bought from Garmin. The way I fix downloaded maps is with UnLock MapSource Directory v5.2 (unlock mapsource.exe) - and if your are using this way of unlocking maps - you do not need to patch BC. The maps is unlockable -and BC just works.

    Mapinstall 4.2.0, 4.2.1 and 4.2.2. is being reported as having a fault (e.g. here :
    Link URL:
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    ), where only the overview map is transferred from your PC to a device. THAT IS NOT TRUE. I have tested with both 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 it works fine. The detailed map is being transferred to a well functioning image file - and device works fine.

    However - if you want to transfer the image file from Mapinstall to your harddrive (because it is faster) - you need a patched version. The only version patched so far - that can transfer image files to hdd is ver 4.0.4.
    If using 4.2.0, 4.2.1 or 4.2.2 the image file can only be transferred to a recognized device - takes longer time - but it works.
    I have seen a patch for version 4.2.0 - the patch works but still no possibility to transfer directly to the hdd.

    You can manually uninstall mapinstall - just delete the files with in the installation folder - and reinstall the version of mapinstall you want - it will not interfer with BC at all because it is two separate products. All the versions can be downloaded from Garmin - a bit tricky to find - you have to google it.
    If you want to download mapinstall 4.0.4 patched links can be found in this forum.

    I have asked Garmin over the last 3 weeks - does mapinstall 4.2.0 and newer works or does it fail transferring maps data. They have tested several times - Mapinstall 4.2.2. works fine!
    Time to kill the bad rep BC and Mapinstall have - it works - but you have to understand the differences.
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    Smulan (1st July 2020)

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    Maybe small to you for a single track, for active users that's definitely not so.

    And by the way it doesn't have to be one or the other version as it's also possible to have both versions co-existing.

    Bushwalker8 - yes, both can be used together if one has the need. I just wanted to kill the bad reputation the ver 4.70 and above have - there is nothing wrong with software - no faults or like that but yes, a link has been removed.
    I can guarantee you - that I am an active user - in fact I am road cycling on highest level - hold some world records in ultracycling. I use BC to make tracks (not routes) and share them with the teams I coach on I do only use Google Earth to check a new track or route in a country or in an area I do not know - just to check, if there is tarmac on all the roads I have chosen. I use BC every day - no problems with the version 4.7.2 or mapinstall 4.2.2.

    Only the registered members can see the QUOTE Contents. Please Login OR Register.

    You haven't killed anything & the nuances you mention are already well known for a long time. There are no real benefits in the new versions, just lost functionality. I would not recommend the new versions for anyone who appreciates the ease of the view in Google Earth. Some like it, use it a lot and some have experience doing so for many years so have a good idea what they are talking about.

    Edit: to add a clarification I have a dual installation soley to use the one advantage provided by 4.7.x for my Fenix 5X plus, the latest Fenix units are MTP only and won't work with 4.6.2. Otherwise for everything else it's either 4.6.2 or MapSource with Google Earth.
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