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    Default Garmin clean up

    Thank you. Any work around?

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    OdoRosi Reviewed by OdoRosi on . Garmin clean up Thank you. Any work around? Rating: 5

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    Dude...if you need or expect people to help least give some details...nobody wants to guess .
    Eg. what maps and version are you running ? what version safety cams did you load /locked/unlocked ? what have you tried already ? etc , etc much detail as possible ...makes it so much easier for someone to actually bother helping you .

    Info was posted initially ( Garmin Drive 52LM with latest maps available and tried copy/paste both locked and unlocked safety cameras file with no result) and I've got the answer that the new Garmin Devices due to some firmware security can't have the safety cameras updated, and my answer was "Thank you. Any work around?".
    Best regards.

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