Sorry, my post was moved to this thread so I didn't get notification. Now I've actually had 2 of these Ones, and one (no pun intended) died. That dead one had a noticable brighter screen though, so I took the best parts and put them together. So actually I'm not sure if the serial on my case is the 'real' one, but I'm pretty sure both were TomTom One IQ routes. Serial starts with PS, TomTom site states 'Your device is a TomTom ONE IQ Routes with 2GB memory and it updates through TomTom HOME'. Not sure what picture you'd like to see. I put in a 8GB card as you can see:

And it's running the 1010 Europe map, which is shy over 2GB in size, but that never would've fit on the internal memory. However, maybe the confusion is I called it V5, which it might not be

By the way, it turns out it has bootloader 5.5136, I was damn sure it was 5.5128. My memory is starting to fail me already... oh well...

About the XL board:

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I had to make a picture with my cellphone, my good cam has a flat battery at the moment. This is the board WR6_V1.4. I hope the pics are clear enough, the contacts / traces are the same as on board V1.3. Still not working though.