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Firmvare TomTom Pro 8275

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    Do you have a Device ID at the Bottom of your Device, begin with a "O" , maybe OD, OJ etc. ? I think furthermore, your Device is not compatible with EU Map. Maybe if we found the correct rescue.img () in your Picture above "" unsupported Image for OJ"" , than the Device Work again and you can patch it maybe with a EU Map, if you need a EU Map

    Firmvare TomTom Pro 8275

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    Firmvare TomTom Pro 8275
    Forget the maps. There is no problem with them. Currently the navigation is with the Europe Truck map and the problem is not in the map.The problem is that many of the options are locked.

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    Proukaet (22nd June 2022)

    Ok, then I am out of this discussion, good luck furthermore

    ......but since you don't even name your Device ID----OD, OJ etc......
    Last edited by Proukaet; 22nd June 2022 at 10:13 PM.

    I can see the code tomorrow.Tomtom is not with me at the moment.

    Device ID begin OJ

    In the download that you can get from the webfleet webstite there is a resque img. You have to use that one to recover then device

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Firmvare TomTom Pro 8275

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