For me Traffic was the main thing as it works superbly on the Go950, however, recently been having a few problems with the in built SIM. Seems to work when it wants to, rather than all the time. Decided to subscribe to Traffic and speedcams on android. Well one notable one I pass daily did not alert, but maybe i was not close enough to speed limit, having just pulled out from a side street. Also noticed in Bucuresti, on the GO, was using 720 and 950, road layout was correct, but on android, it appeared totally different and it was wrong anyway. Not had issues here in UK, but was very different in Romania. I had always assumed the same maps to be same, just with differing detail.

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We have rented an apartment in Sector 6 and on android directions for walking were really good, took me on a short cut that I was unfamiliar with, but saved me about 30 minutes and was a nice walk through a parcul I never knew existed. I mostly know sectors 2,3 and 5. I compared route with google maps and its routing. Tomtom was way much better. Think Google maps wanted me to walk some 5km further