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  1.    TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick   TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick
    TomTom Expert

    TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick

    Default TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick

    Speed cams only extract what you want. No need to take all

    Country 16/01/2020
    Blitzer_AT_TomTom 135828 Austria
    Radar_BE_TomTom 135829 Belgium
    Blitzer_DE_TomTom 135830 Germany
    Radar_ES_TomTom 135831 Spain
    Kamerat_FI_TomTom 135832 Finland
    Radar_FR_TomTom 135833 France
    Safety_Cam_UK_TomTom 135834 United Kingdom
    Autovelox_IT_TomTom 135835 Italy
    Flitspaal_NL_TomTom 135836 Netherlands
    Fartsboks_NO_TomTom 135837 Norway
    Radar_PT_TomTom 135838 Portugal
    Fartkamera_SE_TomTom 135839 Sweden
    Safety_Cam_PL_TomTom 135840 Poland
    Blitzer_CZ_TomTom 135841 Czech Republic
    Safety_Cam_ZA_TomTom 135842 South Africa
    Safety_Cam_AU_TomTom 135843 Australia
    Radar_BR_TomTom 135844 Brazil
    Safety_Cam_US_Canada_TomTom 135845 United States of America
    Safety_Cam_GR_TomTom 135846 Greece
    Safety_Cam_DK_TomTom 135847 Denmark
    Safety_Cam_HU_TomTom 135848 Hungary
    Safety_Cam_RO_TomTom 135849 Romania
    Safety_Cam_SI_TomTom 135850 Slovenia
    Safety_Cam_SK_TomTom 135851 Slovakia
    Safety_Cam_BG_TomTom 135852 Bulgaria
    Safety_Cam_LV_TomTom 135853 Latvia
    Safety_Cam_EE_TomTom 135854 Estonia
    Safety_Cam_LT_TomTom 135855 Lithuania
    Safety_Cam_IE_TomTom 135856 Ireland
    Safety_Cam_LU_TomTom 135857 Luxembourg
    Safety_Cam_NZ_TomTom 135858 New Zealand
    Safety_Cam_SG_TomTom 135859 Singapore
    Safety_Cam_TH_TomTom 135860 Thailand
    Safety_Cam_AR_TomTom 135861 Argentina
    Safety_Cam_HK_TomTom 135862 Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China
    Safety_Cam_HR_TomTom 135863 Croatia
    Safety_Cam_MT_TomTom 135864 Malta
    Safety_Cam_RS_TomTom 135865 Serbia
    Safety_Cam_RU_TomTom 135866 Russian Federation
    Safety_Cam_TW_TomTom 135867 Taiwan
    Safety_Cam_UA_TomTom 135868 Ukraine
    Safety_Cam_UY_TomTom 135869 Uruguay
    Safety_Cam_MX_TomTom 135870 Mexico
    Safety_Cam_CL_TomTom 135871 Chile
    Safety_Cam_MY_TomTom 135872 Malaysia
    Safety_Cam_ID_TomTom 135873 Indonesia
    Safety_Cam_CA_TomTom 135874 Canada
    Safety_Cam_NL_Premium 135875 Netherlands
    Safety_Cam_FR_Premium 135876 France
    Safety_Cam_DE_Premium 135877 Germany
    Safety_Cam_PT_Premium 135878 Portugal
    Safety_Cam_BE_Premium 135879 Belgium
    Safety_Cam_IE_Premium 135880 Ireland
    Safety_Cam_IT_Premium 135881 Italy
    Safety_Cam_AU_Premium 135882 Australia
    Safety_Cam_NZ_Premium 135883 New Zealand
    Safety_Cam_ES_Premium 135884 Spain
    Safety_Cam_PL_Premium 135885 Poland
    Safety_Cam_CZ_Premium 135886 Czech Republic
    Safety_Cam_UK_Premium 135887 United Kingdom
    Safety_Cam_BR_Premium 135888 Brazil
    Safety_Cam_AR_Premium 135889 Argentina
    Safety_Cam_UY_Premium 135890 Uruguay
    Safety_Cam_TW_Premium 135891 Taiwan
    Safety_Cam_BG_Premium 135892 Bulgaria
    Safety_Cam_FI_Premium 135893 Finland
    Safety_Cam_AT_Premium 135894 Austria
    Safety_Cam_CA_Premium 135895 Canada
    Safety_Cam_EE_Premium 135896 Estonia
    Safety_Cam_GR_Premium 135897 Greece
    Safety_Cam_HK_Premium 135898 Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China
    Safety_Cam_HR_Premium 135899 Croatia
    Safety_Cam_HU_Premium 135900 Hungary
    Safety_Cam_LT_Premium 135901 Lithuania
    Safety_Cam_LU_Premium 135902 Luxembourg
    Safety_Cam_LV_Premium 135903 Latvia
    Safety_Cam_MT_Premium 135904 Malta
    Safety_Cam_NO_Premium 135905 Norway
    Safety_Cam_RO_Premium 135906 Romania
    Safety_Cam_RS_Premium 135907 Serbia
    Safety_Cam_RU_Premium 135908 Russian Federation
    Safety_Cam_SE_Premium 135909 Sweden
    Safety_Cam_SG_Premium 135910 Singapore
    Safety_Cam_SI_Premium 135911 Slovenia
    Safety_Cam_SK_Premium 135912 Slovakia
    Safety_Cam_TH_Premium 135913 Thailand
    Safety_Cam_UA_Premium 135914 Ukraine
    Safety_Cam_US_Premium 135915 United States of America
    Safety_Cam_ZA_Premium 135916 South Africa
    Safety_Cam_MX_Premium 135917 Mexico
    Safety_Cam_CL_Premium 135918 Chile
    Safety_Cam_MY_Premium 135919 Malaysia
    Safety_Cam_ID_Premium 135920 Indonesia
    Safety_Cam_DK_Premium 135921 Denmark

    All these *.ov2 files are encrypted

    You will not see Switzerland CH Speedcams here as illegal to have on Nav units
    French speed cams are restricted to only danger areas, not speed cams

    You will notice that there are countries not mentioned here that have speed cams, but they are available only on new units not mentioned here, as is live traffic and much better maps and poi.

    The best feature of having a TT is the live routing which surpasses the competion. Having a modern unit seems fast and reduces jams

    The only thing that changes is the map.
    When you run the radars.rar file, you only need to download those files relevant to your map/country, not all. The .ver file is only stating the current version. It is not needed. You only need the .ov2 file and overwrite the existing ones. You have to have run FastActive once for a map change. You will have a dct file. That needs to be present obviously.

    If you look at the files in your maps relating to speedcams. Having FastActivator and run, check which files have a dct file. Those that do not are the speed cams where there is no meta yet, so are not needed. Those in the map that do not relate to the map can be deleted anyway. If you had a subscription ( you have not since here) TT download the radars file automatically and only insert in the relevant maps. You have to do it manually. You can do this directly via WinRar extract anyway. You only need to download the .ov2 files to the relevant maps

    I hope that helps. Regards the Maverick and have a great time and make sure you do not have an accident, as we know, it is never an accident, but stupidity and I have no sympathy for stupid drivers.Sadly there are too many on the road

    Extensive coverage in 36 countries across Europe, North and South Americas, Africa, Oceania and Southeast Asia
    . Real-time* & twice weekly updates via MyDrive Connect / TomTom HOME
    . A community of 3.4 million drivers sharing speed camera reports
    *Mobile speed camera locations and real-time updates are only available for devices with active real-time services (e.g. LIVE and TomTom Traffic).

    [Login or Register to remove this advertisement]

    Other devices can download fixed speed camera updates via MyDrive Connect or TomTom HOME.
    In France, this service only includes Danger Zones alerts.

    Regarding the *.ver files. Note that it not only shows the latest version, but it also shows the area that the speed cams cover in lat and long. It is a square of the coverage area. You will also notice if you look, some coverages cover quite a few maps, so in some cases are duplicates, but luckily only one is ever shown. A huge advantage of live traffic and speed cams is that they are LIVE (certainly in England) and covers mobiles etc. Sometimes closed roads do not show up always, in time....But many do. With live traffic, it becomes pretty obvious when they have been closed though as reroutes

    The version info, the .ver files, for the SG premium, TH premium and TW premium radars are different.
    It concerns the rectangle info. Has no influence on the correct working of the radars.

    It's just 'version' info. You can even delete them from your map directory

    From now on, just delete them, as there will only be one radar file
    the Maverick Reviewed by the Maverick on . TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick Speed cams only extract what you want. No need to take all Country 16/01/2020 Blitzer_AT_TomTom Rating: 5
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Last edited by the Maverick; 17th January 2020 at 12:26 AM.
    One day, someone might make things work perfectly before release. Sadly not in my or your lifetime. At least by finding problems and sorting them, we are still alive.

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  4.    TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick   TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick
    #BH*'s Avatar

    Only the registered members can see the QUOTE Contents. Please Login OR Register.

    You NEVER SEE CH Speedcams in this topic , FORBIDDEN to put in NAV

    Only the registered members can see the QUOTE Contents. Please Login OR Register.

    In Switzerland speed camera alerts are strictly forbidden. That's why there are no longer any corresponding databases for Switzerland.

    Only the registered members can see the QUOTE Contents. Please Login OR Register.

    Precisely, exactly, spot on, correct, right, you're not wrong!

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    4Wheel (30th October 2019), biggerdave (26th August 2019), dkfranz (18th October 2019), fadimahmud (25th October 2019), pe1agp (13th September 2019), tarkan55 (10th November 2019)

  6.    TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick   TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick

    Any idea how to get the ov2 work in iGO Nextgen ?
    I suppose I will have to convert them because when I copy them into the speedcan folder they does not work.
    Last edited by navigatorhere; 14th December 2019 at 10:30 PM.

  7.    TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick   TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick
    TomTom Expert

    TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick

    I suppose you would need to get them via iGo as these are for TomTom, just as if you had a Garmin, you would get from Garmin. Try looking at
    Link URL:
    Only the registered members can see the Link URLs. Please Login OR Register.
    Last edited by the Maverick; 15th December 2019 at 12:15 AM.
    One day, someone might make things work perfectly before release. Sadly not in my or your lifetime. At least by finding problems and sorting them, we are still alive.

  8.    TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick   TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick

    @ the Maverick

    I tried to convert the ov2 files using Export2iGO but I got an error.
    Looks like the file is corrupt or something ?

  9.    TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick   TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick
    iGo Mod
    nyky's Avatar
    TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick

    All .ov2 files, officially TomTom files are encrypted.
    For your wish, use other sources: SCDB, PoiBase, are here:
    Link URL:
    Only the registered members can see the Link URLs. Please Login OR Register.

    Link URL:
    Only the registered members can see the Link URLs. Please Login OR Register.
    Do not ask my password, use my virtual name

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    biggerdave (15th December 2019), florinpur (10th January 2020), the Maverick (16th December 2019), vista00 (20th December 2019)

  11.    TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick   TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick

    "All .ov2 files, officially TomTom files are encrypted."

    Effectively, many thanks nyky.

  12.    TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick   TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick

    how to update these cams in Renault Carminat Navigation?
    With fastactivate i cannot see any .dct file....
    how to activate the speedcams?

  13.    TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick   TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick
    TomTom Expert

    TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) JUST by the Maverick

    Speed cams 16/01/2020. Next likely to be 21/01/2020
    One day, someone might make things work perfectly before release. Sadly not in my or your lifetime. At least by finding problems and sorting them, we are still alive.

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    Anto002 (17th January 2020), biggerdave (17th January 2020), bihurkatu (17th January 2020), fr52 (17th January 2020), fredderf (17th January 2020), pe1agp (17th January 2020)

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