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    No, they are greyed out...


    Since i updated i have found the sound very low have to have volume up to full but still very low use to have navcore 8 before and volume was much loader has anyone else found this

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    @ Kery,

    Yes, I have noticed that the volume is lower.

    TomTom Contributor
    nest0r's Avatar

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    Connect your GPS to power charger
    It is a very common fault of all NavCore V9 when battery life is low


    Yes i do use it with a charger its just very low volume since i updated


    Ok this is what i did still very low volume so i loaded the navcore SE 9.430 Go and the volume works great but i get a few freezs with that navcore but nice new menu i would like to know is it possible that there is a file in the SE navcore for the volume that i could load into the offical navcore to sort out volume not sure if it can be done but hope the experts on this forum can tell me thanks

    bigade1's Avatar

    When using the official navcore several users have noticed that the volume can be improved by unticking the " Link volume to noise level " option in the volume preferences menu. Maybe you could give that a try and see if it's any better.


    Yes first of all thanks that did improve the volume its not as load as the SE version is there a file that can be change from the SE version for volume and put into the offical navcore to improve it not sure if that is possible just like to say thanks again

    bigade1's Avatar

    As regards a file change - I don't think there is an individual file for the volume - I think the information is contained in the ttsystem file and the programming of that is way over my head lol.

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    kery (28th July 2012)

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