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    Seems my install of Loquendo was somehow corrupted on my SD card . Working fine now.

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    If you upgrade to either navcore 9.43 or 11.035 you will loose the France speedcams.
    Tomtom is doing so to conform new France laws.

    If you still want France speedcams, please refer to my post in the POI section.
    Be aware you are breaking the law by doing so !

    Link URL:
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    Default Which version of Navcore 9 for XL canada 310

    I tried the se 9430 but if you go into voice select all vocies then dont work and also it was very slow to switch off.

    Is there any version 9 navcores that will work ok with XL canada 310.



    Eventually sussed this out, removed all voices and let home put the one I wanted on, after a couple of reboots sorted itself out and now working fine. Cheers.

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    biggerdave (24th April 2012)


    Default Speed status font size

    Now that DSA has fixed the sound problems for EASE/Start, I have been trying a few skins and found the NC 9.430 speed status too small. I went back to NC 9.151:

    I like the 3 panel status bar with the speed on the left side, but it is just to small in 9.430. On page 8 of Update to Status Bar in TomTom Discussions, colinbull posted that TomTom was aware of the problem, but did not have any specific details on any software update.

    Skin 43 is the "Easy Menu" and Skin 35 is an x40 light version for more settings and itinerary. Both have ALG.

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    biggerdave (29th April 2012)

    TomTom Expert

    To get the French speed cams, it is just a matter of updating twice on the Live 950. First time BR,FR,USA not updated, second time they are with map update too


    Unfortunately have recently found a small glitch with 9.430 ...

    On my Go700 it does not "bluetooth" properly with my HTC Desire ... it all LOOKS good, everything seems to work ... but there is no actual sound transferred .. it dials out and receives in fine... but they can't hear me and I can't hear them .... nowt but silence ..

    So looks like I have to choose .. older OS where the "Hands Free" works ...but no French "Danger Zones" .. or "Danger Zones" but no "Hands Free" ... as I spend more time in UK than France I guess the "Hands Free" wins..


    Dear BMWdriver,
    first of all, thank you on your work on your SE 9.430 navcore ! work great on a TT one V1!
    I have a small question:
    Why is there no longer any quickGPSfix as i connect my TT to my PC to TTHone ???


    Dear BMWdriver,

    Thanks for your work. I use it on my G0 720 eith x30 emulation. All is fine, except: It calls itself a "Special Edition" and TTHome denies mapshare connections (885 map, patched). Tried to change the name in ttgo.bif, but no result. No big deal, but I wonder...

    duur1duur's Avatar

    Have you set the mapshare options in your TomTom?

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