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    I have already bought such a device. And the startup programs will be added to the test menu every time the device is turned on. It cannot be used. GPS does not start normally.

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    PeterHimself's Avatar
    TomTom GO500 foto.
    I am only trying to fine out what device you exactly have, so we can better help you.
    It looks like you have a GO 500 with 8 Gb internal memory and a mirco SD-card slot in it.
    Please try the following.
    Start your device and keep the startbutton pushed till you got a black screen with tekst in white letters.
    If possible make a picture of that and show it to us.

    My current collection; NAV2: GO 300 (M1); ONE XL (L1); GO XXL (GQ); GO 910 (V7); GO 950 LIVE (W1)
    NAV3: GO 820 LIVE (FU) NAV5: GO 5200 (ZH)

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    simba (4th March 2021)

    simba's Avatar
    If it is a different menu, did you buy it new or repaired, ??? the first 2 digits serial number is, OJ ??

    This is a GO500 model with 8GB of memory. Serial No.QJ.
    It is impossible to do recovery. I can't enter the menu (white text on a black background). I know how to do it, but you can't do it here. After holding the switch, the device turns on and off. Over and over again. As if instead of navcore it had some menu test loaded.

    Hello. What and how to upload NC from the link:
    Link URL:
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    to GO500?

    simba's Avatar
    please wait a few days more announce news

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