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    Sorry, my mistake. It should be called "cphonmlh.dat". And you must delete some other files/folders. I will name these files in a few minutes. Must find the harddrive...

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    Edit: Here we have these missing files: You need to delete also all arp_*_2000_10_10_f.dat

    If you get trouble with your Benelux-poi.dat, use the file from the Benelux-NAV3-map.
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    TomTom maps download.
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    I am sorry. I made a mistake.
    I confused it with Central_Europe-1025_9676.
    So there is no meta for Central_Europe_West-1025_9676

    My current collection; NAV2: GO 300 (M1); ONE XL (L1); GO XXL (GQ); GO 910 (V7); GO 950 LIVE (W1)
    NAV3: GO 820 LIVE (FU) NAV5: GO 5200 (ZH)

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