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  1.    Time sync issue   Time sync issue Time sync issue

    It seems as if I should forget about time-sync. I upgraded the machine last night to 9.541, got a good GPS signal, then attempted a time sync, and at around 19.45 it set the time to 23.45. If anything that's a little worse (although wrong is wrong, whether it's wrong by an hour or four hours), though I think I've seen 9.051 do the same previously.

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    I think I'll go back to an earlier version in any case - this new one doesn't have the "GPS Status" and "Version information" screens on it. I'll have to read through some threads here and see if they were removed in an earlier version, I quite like having them there so I can see what is going on. (ETA, that might be my mistake, just playing with something now).

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  3.    Time sync issue   Time sync issue Time sync issue

    Well, I thought my problem was because I'd downloaded the wrong version of 9.541. The cab files I originally got was LE, rather than GO, and the zip is much smaller, so I figured maybe that was why the two options were missing. I also had some trouble activating the latest map, which I fixed with a clean install reading the thread on here - it's a long time since I changed the Navcore. But even with the GO version, I still don't have those two options, and the version display is my sanity check that I'm actually using the latest maps, when local roads haven't changed.

    For now I think I'll stick with 9.051 and live with it not doing a time sync, especially as my brief experiment with the latest version suggests that doesn't do one either. Thanks for the suggestions and comments. On the SD card thing, my boot loader appears to be 5.5120, so if I read correctly that would support a 4Gb card in any case, if it becomes necessary.

  4.    Time sync issue   Time sync issue Time sync issue

    Reading elsewhere, it seems the time sync feature has never been all that good. A post from as far back as 2009 suggests some hoops to go through. Apparently the way is to set the hours correctly, then press 'sync' to get the minutes, but sometimes it's out by 30 minutes. I just tried that, set to 1pm, pressed 'sync' and it went to 1.32am, then pressed again and it went to 1.02pm.

    All in all, a feature that doesn't seem to work regardless of anything.

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