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    NEW: added TA maps 2020.09 (MONTHLY MAP UPDATE V9.01)

    - TA 2020.09 V9.01 maps are splitted: AUS, IND, FRA, GER, ITA, RUS, ESP, GBR, CAN, MEX, BRA (Sygic 17.3.2 and higher can read splitted maps...)
    - TA 2019.09 V9.00 (not splitted) - use with Aura 17.3.1 or lower..., Taxi, InCar


    Funny voices: Homer Simpson (ENG), Mr.Burns (ENG), Snoop Dogg(ENG)
    Offline speedcams
    Car maps: TA:2020.09, OS:2018:12 (maps version 9.01 - sygic version 15.4.X and higher, splitted maps 9.01 - sygic version 17.3.2 and higher)
    Truck maps: EU NT:2020.06 US NT:2020.06 MEA NT:2020.06 AUSNZL TA:2019.09 V900
    Taxi, InCar, Aura: TA:2019.09 V900 (maps version 9.00 - sygic version 15.3.9 and lower, unsplitted maps 9.00 - sygic version 17.3.1 and lower)

    - new search engine (FTS - Full Text Search) in SYGIC>=16.5.0: !!! ALL maps !!! in \MAPS directory MUST HAVE FTS file !!! (except WCL, of course )
    - old search engine (country, city,street) in SYGIC>=16.5.0: delete some FTS file in any map folder in \MAPS directory

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    TA 2020.09 V9.01, NT 2020.06, TA 2019.09 V9.00, OSM 2018.12 Console downloader:
    Link URL:
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    Credit TMPe & SDLER

  2. The Following 5 Users Say Thank You to Titanic For This Useful Post:
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    Chauffeur1 (1st September 2020), gugutka (31st August 2020), kubuspawel (Today), kwbs (30th August 2020), Muki01 (7th September 2020)

    No sign of licence file even though it says its downloaded. Same with version Sygic Map Downloader 18.7.9
    Sorry if Im missing something

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    Agree. only "".

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