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GPSURL: Sygic Archives

    biggerdave's Avatar


    There appear to be many more spam posts in this Sygic section than anywhere else on this board.

    If you see any then please use the REPORT button top/right to notify Admin about them. Currently the only way of finding these is for us to keep coming back to this section and checking recent posts which we shouldn't need to have to do

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    Spy H a w K
    G u H a N's Avatar

    Strict Rules For GPS section

    Section Rule for Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

    Double posting NOT allowed

    Double posting of any GPS oriented thread is NOT allowed. By double post/thread we mean that application has same related content

    Proper posting of content

    Try to Add screenshot of every posted solution , and screenshot is not a preview released image, but an image captured while the service was in action. No screenshot directly from the own blog or site, upload it to other hosting site instead .<br>

    Fake NOT allowed

    No Fake service GPS guides are allowed including 'Fake' releases. Habitual or consistent offender will be 'reprimanded', warned or worst get banned by staff without notice.

    Regarding screenshots or images

    Adding watermark or site id in images are strictly prohibited .Habitual or consistent offender will be 'reprimanded', warned or worst get banned by staff without notice.

    NOTE: No member must act as moderator to claim their versions are correct. Members are allowed to send a PM regarding it to concern moderator or the admin who is looking after this thread and section. Open forum tussle between any one will not be tolerated.

    • This is an English only community.
    • Using of foul and abusive language is not allowed.
    • Referral links are not allowed (Sign-up codes).
    • Spamming is not allowed and will result in a ban.
    • Do not attempt to post phishing links.
    • Due to the risk of phishing, link protectors are not allowed.
    • If you have a question or problem PM a moderator first.
    • Adult and advertisement related content is strictly forbidden.

    All threads, replies and communications (public) must be in English only.

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