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    iGO R3 HERE [Navteq]  EUROPE 2020.Q4

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    New link, for another 30 days
    Do not ask my password, use my virtual name

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    1sarmos (22nd May 2021), bartoloduster (6th July 2021), jemoss26 (8th June 2021), kap55 (25th May 2021), minelmarian (25th May 2021), pabloalc (11th May 2021)

    Have a nice day everyone!
    My life turns out
    that I need to ask you for help.
    I would need Maps of Central Asia mainly Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan Truck information, etc.
    You only have Kazakhstan, don't you?
    Any help would be great!
    There is no experience yet on which one is more detailed with HERE or TomTom. Can anyone provide information! ??
    Thanks for all the comments !!

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    bluehardx (31st July 2021), jemoss26 (8th June 2021)

    thank you very much but Romania is missing, please add Romania if possible.

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    [QUOTE = minelmarian; 370479] muchas gracias, pero falta Rumania, agregue Rumania si es posible. [/ QUOTE]
    If you are looking for it well, I download the entire europe torrent through the Nyky magnet

    good morning, I'm sorry, I wasn't careful, the map with Romania is there, I apologize and thank you, nyky and the other moderators. from romania I wish you a beautiful day.


    thank you very much

    Thanks, i like this

    thank you very much

    Buenas noches, querría preguntar si estos archivos valen para el IGO 8.3 que lleva el Media Nav Evolution 2.0, muchas gracias

    Good evening, I would like to ask if these files are valid for the IGO 8.3 that the Media Nav Evolution 2.0 carries, thank you very much

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