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    thanks a lot

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    iGo Mod
    nyky's Avatar

    Garmin Cyclops 2018-Oct-07
    UK/Ireland Oct-05-2018 Safety Camera
    Russia Oct-05-2018 Safety Camera
    Portugal + Spain Oct-05-2018 Safety Camera
    Nordics Oct-05-2018 Safety Camera
    Netherlands Oct-05-2018 Safety Camera
    Italy/Slovenia Oct-05-2018 Safety Camera
    Greece Oct-05-2018 Safety Camera
    Germany/Austria Oct-05-2018 Safety Camera
    France Oct-05-2018 Dangerous Zones
    Eastern Europe Oct-06-2018 Safety Camera
    Belgium/Luxembourg Oct-05-2018 Safety Camera
    Australia+New Zealand Oct-06-2018 Safety Camera
    US+Canada Oct-05-2018 Safety Camera
    Link URL:
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    Link URL:
    Only the registered members can see the Link URLs. Please Login OR Register.
    Credit sue2008uk
    Do not ask my password, use my virtual name

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    Alexis_ (11th October 2018),Glory (7th October 2018),griffinclaw (8th October 2018),gunnar (17th October 2018),jinxxxxxx (8th October 2018),KVAR (12th October 2018),Lashley (10th October 2018),quebec001 (11th October 2018),Sebo_ (8th October 2018)

    quebec001's Avatar

    1. SD:\garmin\poi\US+Canada_safetycam.gpi
    2. and when your gps ask you: do you want put cyclop inside your gps, you say yes
    3. If you prefer you can put directly inside your GPS, inside "POI" folder ex: your GPS:\Poi\US+Canada_safetycam.gpi
    4. you can remove this inside your poi folder any time, if you dont like !
    Last edited by quebec001; 11th October 2018 at 03:17 AM.

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