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Garmin 2597LMT  unlock

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    Do you get a message on screen "Can't Unlock Maps" on boot? If so run latest gimunlock on the map again.

    If there's no message, check under Settings>Map & Vehicle>MyMaps and you should see the AU/NZ listed with a green check-mark. If not listed the map's not being recognized so check you've correctly placed and named the map on the microSD (root folder named Garmin/gmapsupp.img). You can also make a root folder on SD named Map and use <any_name>.img - e.g. AUNZ_CNNT.img.

    Ensure you haven't double-named the .img extension i.e. "gmapsupp.img.img" - particularly if you don't have "Hide extensions for known file types" unchecked in Windows File Explorer Folder Options, View - like this:

    Garmin 2597LMT  unlock

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    Finally, try a different microSD - ensure it's not more that 32GB and formatted FAT32 only.
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    Garmin 2597LMT  unlock
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Garmin 2597LMT  unlock

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