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    I no longer use a landline, haven't done for years, but when I did I found the words "I don't have a computer" in the answering machine seemed to stop them.

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    No "Hello, you have reached..." or anything else, just those words.
    Many times when messages were checked only the sound of someone hanging up could be heard.
    After a while word must have got around inside their circles I was a 'no sale' and eventually the nuisance calls stopped altogether.
    Before doing that it got so bad I refused to answer the phone if it rang, letting everything go to the answering machine & turning it's volume down so I couldn't hear it, checking it at my leisure.

    Registering my number with the Australian government's pathetic do not call register was a complete waste of time.
    How that works is it requires the telemarketers to send them a list of who they want to call, so the register's staff can remove the registered numbers from it, then return it to the telemarketers with the registered numbers removed.
    I'm sure you can imagine how well that fact I believe the calls got worse after registering my number...

    Hello again:
    I want to comment on my new experiences. I have had the opportunity to patch an Etrex 30x and an Etrex 32x and I have not had any problem. I downloaded the original firmware from Perry's page and applied the two programs to unlock the JNX (UNIVERSAL FIRMWARE PACHER 380) and the City Navigator NTU (IMGPATCHER 220 latest version January 2020) to the downloaded firmware, no matter the order, and everything worked perfectly. NT Maps do not need to unlock GPS, only the map with GIMGUNLOCK v.0.04.
    I believe my first Etrex 32x unit was defective.
    I have also concluded that the Etrex 32x, having an 8 Gb internal memory full of Garmin maps, cannot handle new large maps. If you want to add your own maps you have to remove some of Garmin. I have also verified that the maps can be deleted and reinstalled without problem or the maps can be transferred to the microSD.

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    los nuúmero telefonico no se pueden dar a personas que no se sabe quienes son

    In ENGLISH in this English speaking forum:-

    the telephone numbers cannot be given to people who do not know who they are
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    Yesterday, when I entered in this site I saw a live chat window in the right down corner asking if I was needing some help. It was someone called Lisa ....? Yes I do, I responded to her, and she asked me my phone number, my device version and serial number. I gave her these numbers and she said ok I'm going to contact a technician. Till now she disapperared. I'm feeling cheated, isnt it? What can you say me about this? What for she asked me these numbers? I think she never comes back.


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    Live chat in this site


    Read/see/understand posts #2 & #3 above
    Please do not just post "thanks" but use the "thanks" button bottom/right or the reputation star "*" bottom/left
    S i m p l e s

    These scam baiter videos are great fun to watch/listen to.

    Only the registered members can see the QUOTE Contents. Please Login OR Register.

    The bank employees come at night and drop a small bag of gold (equivalent to what was in your account) down your chimney. Make sure the fire is out before you go to bed ;-)

    Only the registered members can see the QUOTE Contents. Please Login OR Register.

    How about a wee English lesson my amigo que habla español: You should say, "Your telephone number should never be given to people that you do not know!" De nada :-)

    Only the registered members can see the QUOTE Contents. Please Login OR Register.

    Ok, so I've often wondered - why is called a 'landline' when it's obviously up in the air suspended from poles (MOST of the time). Should be called an airline ;-)

    was watchng 1 yesterday . When hehad given scammer access to his PC he then went onto the scammers PC and deleted a load of files . Very funny .

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