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    Jeep grand cherokee uconnect 8.4 US without navi! How to activate navigation, install soft UE (with Polish language), change radio frequencies to EU, add EU maps? I have AppcarDiag

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    I agree with this 100% - seems no one wants to share the contents of the USB that they get from Unconnect. My Jeep has the newest version (since it is new), so there is no point in me buying what is listed on their website that is for sale. There are many people that buy the upgrade for their older units but don't seem to want to share.

    I do know that at one point in time they were Garmin maps, but I don't think this is the case anymore. The maps as I understand it are supplied by HERE (
    Link URL:
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    They are also not exactly in any rush at providing timely updates - a person can go many years without an update for the Uconnect system - it is quite pathetic. I will provide the files should I ever finally get the upgrade. But seems a lot of people with the Uconnect system have pretty much given up of HERE/FCA at providing map updates and have just resorted to using their phones.

    How large of files can we upload here ?
    I have just purchase a 2011 Durango with the 430N RHB radio Garmin navigation
    I was able to update radio software But no maps yet
    Sadly support from Chrysler or Garmin is over .
    Same issue with my Kenwood / Garmin Navigation
    To update the Kenwood , I need to insert a blank USB stick , go into the navigation , setting , about , map update then the system would write a file on the USB which will be used by Garmin Express to recognize my device and offer the available update.


    Default Jeep Patriot with 430N RHB

    Alright alright alright....I come with gifts!! After much screwing around with the 2023.10 map release I have created an IMG that will work on EARLY model 430N RHB units. I have a 2011 Jeep Patriot that I bought soon after it was launched and have one of the earlier units. Previously the newest map update I could install was 2021.30. 2022.25 would not work and trying to install the 2022.10 unmodified was a no-go. I figured it was too big at just over 4gb so I gave it a trim by cutting out Canada/Mexico...basically anything that isn't part of the 50 states.

    Yes - I know people have released chopped down versions of map updates but from what I've seen they always screw it up and **** is improperly named, versions aren't set, product codes are wrong, etc etc. To top it off they then add insult to injury an insist on hosting their creation on the SLOWEST file hosts known to man. Annoying.

    Ok down to what you need to know...

    1) Installed the modified gmapprom.img on to my radio that is running firmware 33.02.01. I didn't bother trying to install it with the new JCV (YET) but I've included it anyway if you want to try yourself. I suggest starting without and going from there.

    2) As I mentioned...trimmed the map fat. I did a lot of work in GmapTool to make sure settings and structure were as close to the 2021.30 map update as I could get it. EX: mapset name is properly set to "CN North America NT 2023.10 ALL" - not "Bahamas, South Carolina, Georgia" or whatever the hell some of these other modified image releases have come out with in the past.

    3) The IMG file clocks in at 2.93 GB (3,150,905,344 bytes). Yep that is less than 2021.30 and under 4GB so if you want to go back in and add some of the stuff I have room to do so.

    4) Format USB, Garmin folder, put in IMG inside folder. That's it. Don't rename it. If you think you need to rename to gmapsupp or whatever then this post isn't for you. This is for people with early NAVs that won't take gmapsupp updates.

    5) You'll probably need Jetmouse at some point (I did once early in development) but rest assured this IMG is unlocked.

    That is it. If this doesn't work for you then I don't know what to tell you. I did clear NonVol memory through the engineering menu a few times during the course of building this so if you hit a snag then try that shrug If I remember correctly I had just flashed my firmware from 33.01.23 and then cleared it before trying to update. might need to try flashing twice if you get a PND Update failed the first time....I should have taken notes LOL

    Anyway enjoy. Post questions here and I'll try to check in. If I get around to testing the JCV update and it works I'll post here.


    DOWNLOAD LINKS - faster than your average bear!!!

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    tshelby73 (13th May 2022)

    Thank you for this. Been hard to find one that works with our older radio's since we can't do supplemental. This worked perfectly.

    Is it possible you could do a write up of what programs and files/filenames you used to do this so I could possibly do this myself down the road.

    Thank you very appreciated.

    Nevermind. I should have read it more clearly. Step 2 shows what you used.

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