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    Jeep grand cherokee uconnect 8.4 US without navi! How to activate navigation, install soft UE (with Polish language), change radio frequencies to EU, add EU maps? I have AppcarDiag

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    I agree with this 100% - seems no one wants to share the contents of the USB that they get from Unconnect. My Jeep has the newest version (since it is new), so there is no point in me buying what is listed on their website that is for sale. There are many people that buy the upgrade for their older units but don't seem to want to share.

    I do know that at one point in time they were Garmin maps, but I don't think this is the case anymore. The maps as I understand it are supplied by HERE (
    Link URL:
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    They are also not exactly in any rush at providing timely updates - a person can go many years without an update for the Uconnect system - it is quite pathetic. I will provide the files should I ever finally get the upgrade. But seems a lot of people with the Uconnect system have pretty much given up of HERE/FCA at providing map updates and have just resorted to using their phones.

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